Beau & Arrow is a date curation studio within brand + production house, Rules Don't Apply, based in Brooklyn, NY.




Conceived out of a passion for creative strategy and romance, Beau & Arrow curates and designs one-of-a-kind dates and romantic experiences.



Forget what you thought you knew about romancing, and allow Beau & Arrow to elevate your dating life to new and exciting heights.

The studio is home to strategists, designers, producers, and creators.

We curate everything from dates to proposals, intimate gatherings to pop up spaces, and anything in between; no act is too big or too small for us. When it comes to matters of the heart, Beau & Arrow is your go-to expert.





Experiential Concepts:

  • Turn your bathroom into a private beach and take your partner on a cruise to their favorite location. Be it Bahia or St. Lucia, we can create your destination through curated playlists, scents, art, décor, and more.

  • Find a film festival, trapeze class, underground art show, legendary jazz act, or immersive dining experience that your lover will never forget. Want to take them somewhere that doesn’t exist? We’ll find a way to make it.

Gift Concepts:

  • Create a custom scent for your bae that reminds them of breakfast in bed or their favorite hair product of yours. Have a handmade, scented card designed exclusively, just from you to them.

  • Produce and record a love song and design a cd or vinyl cover just for your boo. Host an intimate evening listening experience of it, curated by us, before giving it to them to keep.


How It Works (and What It Costs):

Fill out the inquiry form below, telling Beau & Arrow a bit about you and your partner.

Someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a one-hour consultation via phone, video chat, or in person (if based in NY).

We’ll take it from there, presenting you with an array of curated concepts for your choosing. We’re happy to provide options that range in cost and execution level, based on your comfort and budget.

Initial consultation fee + 3-6 concepts = $50

Any further strategic planning, design, or executional work can be solicited for an additional cost, to be determined based on the project’s scope.  



“I was blown away with Beau & Arrow’s services. The date they designed for me was intimate, thoughtful, and creative, and it suited my girl’s and my interests perfectly. We had a really lovely time – we can’t wait for our next date night."


Noel, new york

"Before Beau & Arrow, I never felt real sparks or butterflies with my partner when we went out. But this changed how we experience each other, and reminded me of what true love can look like."


Jess, boston 

"I almost fell to my knees when my boyfriend surprised me with a Beau & Arrow date! I couldn't believe our romance could actually be one out of a movie, but there we were, living a real life fantasy."


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