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Who is Fiveboi?

Creative strategist, multidisciplinary producer, mad scientist, DJ. Too strange to be conquered. Based in Brooklyn.

Experiential Strategy | Digital Strategy | Brand Direction | Content Production | Podcast | DJ 

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What they do?


My first true love is experiential strategy.

My philosophy? Experiences are what birth culture, influence politics, move money, alter genetic make up, shift the course of people's lives, catalyze change. I've strategized experiential activations for brands such as Nike, Warner Music Group and Coca-Cola, amongst others. View my full portfolio here.


Experiential Strategy: Warner Music Group Grammy's After Party 2017


In addition to strategy, I produce events IRL.

I like to create my own fate and my own fun. Since moving to New York in 2016, I've produced 40+ events including nightlife parties, creative mixers, panel discussions, film screenings, interactive photoshoots, speed dating, rooftop yoga, EP release/listening parties, and more. A modern day Hitch, I produce romantic excursions as well through my date consultation service, Beau & Arrow. You can read more about it here or in my feature on



Event Production: Rose Gold Vol. 001


Still, I have a sweet spot for digital strategy too.

Through digital and social first campaigns, I like to work with clients that care and tell stories that matter. A couple of my favorite campaigns were for the STARZ show Vida, focusing on the LGBTQ+ community and gentrification in Los Angeles, as well as, for Orbit gum, creating a year long content series following queer, trans, people of color, navigating modern love in New York City. 


Social Campaign: Black Rage Documentary

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.28.35 PM.png

And a strong eye for superior design.

I've sourced, hired, collaborated with, and managed some of the best women graphic designers coming up in the game to produce iconic brand identities and assets. From working with Schessa, a graphic artist to direct design for Flowergirls Flowershop, a DC based paraphernalia and lifestyle brand for women who smoke to collaborating with illustrator, Shy Daughter, for Rose Gold, a queer, Brooklyn based collective and production house, I know how to deliver a story with more than just words.

Brand Identity: Flowergirls Flowershop

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.58.27 PM.png

I also like to play in the app space from time to time.

My love for the graphic arts also leads me to dabble in collaborating with UX/UI designers to create wireframes and mockups for app concepts. This was a collaboration with designer, Schessa, on an app called Vibe: a matching app for music lovers. 

App Ideation and Wireframing: Vibes Mock App


Content? I produce that too.

From video to photo to sound design to whatever suits my fancy, I know how to build any dream team within any budget to create content that can double as a works of art. From this interactive, weed infused photoshoot series (right) that I produced in New York and Washington D.C. to this documentary on punk culture in Johannesburg, South Africa (below), I'm game to produce just about anything and everything.


(Above) Creative Direction (Photographer IG - @meliqzaddy): For Women Who Smoke

(Below) Film Production: Black Rage Documentary


Lately, I've been having a good time producing podcasts.

This past spring, I launched Baenomics (below), a podcast looking at the economics and decision making that go into love and dating in the millennial age (below). Currently, I've been working on producing High Tea (left), a podcast featuring two women of color serving all the "tea" one can in the time it takes to smoke a joint.

Podcast Production/Brand Direction: High Tea (above), Baenomics (below)


Sometimes I like to speak in public.

Speaking Engagements Include (but are not limited to):

- Black Love is Black Wealth: How Capitalism Affects Black Intimacy, Pratt

- Creating Financial Stability & Sustainability, Chroma

- Racism & Prejudice in the LGBTQ Community, Spicy Zine

- Microaggressions in the Workplace, Out Women in Business Conference

- Redefining Soft: Black, Queer Masculinity, #BlackGirlMasculine

- Sexual Cuts: An Experimental, Improvisational Black Jazz Meditation, top/NOT collective

Redefining Soft: A Panel Black, Queer Masculinity, #BlackGirlMasculine


Lastly, yours truly is

known as

Brooklyn's Dreamiest DJ.

A DJ and producer, I've hopped on the decks at Cafe Erzulie, Ode to Babel, Mood Ring, Mayday Space, Starr Bar, Secret Project Robot, The Gateway, Trophy Bar, SEE Eyewear, Brooklyn Museum, and AFROPUNK satellite parties. You can listen to my mixes and live sets here.


How I Move

I eat, we all eat. If we can’t feed all of us, we will teach each other how to feed ourselves. We build our own table and create enough spaces for all us to have a seat. We believe in sustainability. We believe in the power of creating for and investing in the collective whole. Everyone eats. NOBODY STARVES.

This is how I move, how I work, how I live. 


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